How to purchase a hosting plan

How to purchase a hosting plan from Hostinger?

Do you want to build a website but don’t have a domain and hosting? Then, Today I will show you how to purchase a hosting plan with a domain step by step from Hostinger.

Hostinger Hosting is now the best hosting provider for worldwide websites. They have many packages with various hosting plans like WordPress Hosting, Website Builder, Web Hosting,  Cloud Hosting, and VPS Hosting. Also, you can purchase domain names from here and Business Email or Websites.

So, here is the process of how to purchase a hosting plan step by step:

1. Select a hosting package: 

Open your web browser to just click the hostinger image or website and go to the official Hostinger website at:

gold hostinger

Select a hosting package from the website’s top header menu. You can purchase WordPress hosting to build your website on WordPress CMS. Also, you can purchase Cloud Hosting or VPS Hosting if your website has a lot of data. You can contact me if you need any help selecting a perfect hosting package for your website or websites. 

How to purchase a hosting plan 1

2. Choose a hosting plan:

Then choose a hosting plan needed for your install websites, performance, storage, and other features. I recommend if your business is for a start-up business or needs just a basic website then you can use the Premium plan but if  your business is for a long time and professional websites then you can choose the Business or Cloud Startup

3. Choose a period of the hosting plan:

In this step, you need to choose a period of the hosting plan. I highly recommend choosing 48 months for getting more discount price than others. 

4. Create a Hostinger account, fill in your personal data, and select a payment method :

After that, below is the page where you need to do: 

  • Create a Hostinger account with your Email and Password or you can your Google or Facebook account.  
  • Fill in your personal information in the fields. 
  • Select a payment method which from you want to pay for the purchase of the hosting plan. 

Also, on this page, you can see the hosting of all prices and discounts which you get after purchase. 

5. The final step is just to fill in the payment details and complete the purchase  :

You are now at the final step. Now you need to fill in your chosen payment details and complete the purchase to click on submit Secure Payment.

After successfully completing the purchase, check your email for a confirmation message from Hostinger. This email may contain important information about your hosting account, including login details and next steps.

So, it’s very easy to purchase a hosting plan from Hostinger.

If you face any problems and help to purchase a perfect hosting plan for your websites then please contact me. I will help you to purchase the hosting plan for your websites. 

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