What is a Computer?

What is a Computer?

A computer is a machine device who instructed sequences of arithmetic or logical operations automatically via a computer programming language. The word computer comes from the Greek “compute” word. Compute words mean calculations or calculations. And the word computer means a counting machine. But now computers are not just counting machines. A computer is a machine that receives information and analyzes and presents it through various processes. At the core of the development of civilization and its rapid progress at present is the strong influence of mathematics and computers.


A short history of the Computer

In the early 19 century, Charles Babbage first propagated the concept of the construction and use of a modern machine (which can only do mathematical calculations without any intelligence, mechanically). He named it the “Difference Engine”. While working with this differential engine (in 1833) he came up with an idea for a more advanced and universal machine called the Analytical Engine. But he could not finish the work of anybody due to lack of necessary equipment and money.

Alan Turing’s true beginnings in computer science came first through theoretical and later practical research. From the mid-twentieth century, modern computers began to develop. With the invention of a microprocessor in 1971, microcomputer began to develop rapidly. Many types of personal computers or PCs are available in the market in different sizes and sizes. It has been developed with many operating systems, program languages, countless practical package programs. Along with this, there has been a huge expansion of computer networks and the Internet and related services and services. Some institutional and informal computer education and research institutes have been established and expanded to provide computer education. In recent times, computer and information technology or IT have occupied a large part of the business and employment has become largely computer dependent.

Since the invention of the microprocessor in the United States, Intel Corporation 1971 has started to come into the market microprocessor-based computer. Since then there has been a huge revolution in the shape and function of computers.


Computer types

On the basis of the structure and circulation principle of the computer, it can be divided into three parts:
1. Analog Computer
2. Digital Computer
3. Hybrid Computer

Depending on the size, capacity, price, and importance of use, digital computers can be divided into four categories:
1. Microcomputer
2. Minicomputer
3. Mainframe Computer
4. Supercomputer

Microcomputers can be divided into three:
1. Desktop Computer
2. Laptop Computer
3. Tablet Computer


Computer Hardware

Hardware is all of the components, components, and devices of a computer’s external shape. The hardware of the computer can be initially divided into three parts.

1. Input Devices
* Mouse
* Keyboard
* Microphone
* Touchscreen
* Joystick
* Scanner
* Digital Camara
* Digital Video

2. Output Devices
* Monitor
* Printer
* Speaker
* Projector
* Disk

3. System Unit
* Motherboard
* Ram
* Hard Disk
* AGP Card


Computer Software

There are mainly 3 types of software:
1. System Software.
2. Programming Software.
3. Application Software.


Advantage of using Computer:

* Increase productivity and a good understanding of modern technology.
* Store vast amounts of information data.
* Learn any kinds of skills and collect information connecting a computer to the Internet.
* Improves your abilities and assist the physically challenged.
* File sharing over large networks.
* Watching movies, listening songs, playing games, chatting friends.

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