The top 30 categories of websites

The top 30 categories of websites

While it’s challenging to provide a definitive list of the “top” categories of websites, as preferences and trends can vary, here’s an extended list of 30 prominent website categories covering a wide range of online content and services:

  1. Search Engines: Examples: Google, Bing, Yahoo

  2. Social Media: Examples: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

  3. E-commerce: Examples: Amazon, Alibaba, eBay

  4. Video Streaming: Examples: YouTube, Netflix, Hulu

  5. News and Media: Examples: CNN, BBC, The New York Times

  6. Online Learning: Examples: Coursera, Khan Academy, Udemy

  7. Blogs and Personal Websites: Examples: WordPress, Medium, Blogger

  8. Health and Wellness: Examples: WebMD, Healthline, MyFitnessPal

  9. Travel and Tourism: Examples: Expedia, TripAdvisor, Airbnb

  10. Gaming: Example: Steam, Twitch, IGN

  11. Government: Examples:,

  12. Corporate: Examples: Apple, Google, Microsoft

  13. Weather: Examples: The Weather Channel, AccuWeather

  14. Job and Career: Examples: LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor

  15. Finance and Banking: Examples: PayPal, Bank of America, E*TRADE

  16. Sports: Example: ESPN, FIFA, NBA

  17. Tech News and Reviews: Examples: TechCrunch, The Verge, Wired

  18. Food and Cooking: Examples: AllRecipes, Food Network, Epicurious

  19. Automotive: Examples: Autotrader, MotorTrend, Kelley Blue Book

  20. Real Estate: Examples: Zillow,, Trulia

  21. Music: Examples: Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud

  22. Photography: Examples: Instagram, Flickr, 500px

  23. Social Networking for Professionals: Examples: LinkedIn, XING

  24. Art and Design: Examples: Behance, Dribble, DeviantArt

  25. Science and Technology: Examples: National Geographic, Popular Science

  26. Pets and Animals: Examples: Petfinder, The Dodo, AKC

  27. Home and Garden: Examples: Houzz, Martha Stewart, Home Depot

  28. Lifestyle and Fashion: Examples: Vogue, GQ, Pinterest

  29. Parenting and Family: Examples:, BabyCenter

  30. Alternative and Independent Media: Examples: Democracy Now!, The Intercept

Keep in mind that the popularity of these categories can change over time, and the classification of some websites may overlap between categories.

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