What is Computer Programming?

What is Computer Programming?

Computer programming

Computer programming is some written instruction that works according to a computer. The program’s written version is called the source code. The person who writes the source code is called a programmer, coder or developer. Any book is written in a language such as English, Russian, Japanese, Bangla, etc. Each program is written in a specific programming language, such as C ++, Java, etc. The programmer has to adhere to the syntax or grammar of that particular programming language when composing the program.

Computer programming is a process that leads from executable computer programs to the root cause of a computing problem. Algorithms are included in a programming language, such as the programming language that generates algorithms, the development of analytics, their accuracy and the cost of resources and the need for implementation algorithms. Source code is written in one or more programming languages. The purpose of programming is to find specific instructions that will be automated to perform a specific task or solve a given problem. The process of programming often requires expertise in a variety of topics, including application domain, specialized algorithms, and formal logic knowledge.

Related tasks include source code testing, debugging and maintaining, implementation of build systems and management of useful items such as machine code for computer programs. This can be considered as part of the programming process, but often software development is used for this larger process with word coding stored for word programming, implementation, or actual writing of source code. Software engineering combines engineering techniques with software development practices.


Different stages of programming

The steps in programming are just like any troubleshooting steps. The main steps are:
1. Defining the problem.
2. Selecting what will be the input and output.
3. Constantly describe (step by step) algorithms.
4. Flow chart Drawing.
5. Determining programming language and writing code.
6. Compile and debug code.
7. Create documentation.

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