Responsive Mobile Menu Jquery Plugin

Responsive Mobile Menu with Drop-down Menu using Mean Menu

Here I have shown you how to do a mobile menu on mobile screen mood. I have used the best plugin called Mean Menu for the features. You can use it easily on your HTML template or HTML website. I have also shared the ready files of the Mean Menu Plugin. So, You just download the Mean Menu ready files and use it. 

The Main Features:
  • Hide or show menu children
  • Target navigation element to swap out with MeanMenu
  • Orientation adjustment (centered menu will reposition when you tilt the device)
  • Control screen width at which MeanMenu activates
  • Expanding/Collapsing sub-navigation
  • Bundled with configurable CSS
  • Quick to setup and configure
  • Media Query independent

Download the Responsive Mobile Menu files from google drive and use on your website:
Download Now

Mean Menu source code website: Mean Menu Website

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